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Design-Driven Work for Innovative Brands

At Motad, we believe in the power of strategically driven design as the heartbeat of collaborative communications. From the inception of a script to the final direction, storyboard, animation, and graphic execution, our team is committed to helping brands articulate their stories with unparalleled clarity and conviction. Our focus is on creating impeccable work that resonates with audiences, bringing brands to life through seamless CGI and motion graphics integration.


Innovative brands require design-driven solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Motad takes centre stage in this realm, partnering with some of the most forward-thinking brands to simplify the intricate and narrate their stories with finesse. Our portfolio as a video production company in Dubai showcases a diverse range of techniques, spanning early concepts, art style, storyboard, script, graphics, production, and direction. At Motad, our shared goal is to produce extraordinary work that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Connecting Beyond Design with Digital Media Marketing

Motad’s collaborative and tight-knit team serves as the bridge that connects brands and people through customized motion graphics and video content. As a video production agency, our extensive experience spans collaborations with brands of all sizes and specialities, each engagement contributing to our ever-expanding expertise. As we continue our journey, we remain committed to the art of storytelling, using CGI and motion graphics to create visually compelling narratives that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. At Motad as a production agency Dubai, we are not just crafting videos; we are shaping experiences that resonate.

Visibility Matters! Let a Production Advertising Agency Take the Lead in CGI, Motion Graphics, and Videos!

A production advertising agency UAE serves as a transformative hub for CGI, motion graphics, and videos, weaving compelling narratives from concept to execution. Guided by a strategic design focus, we seamlessly steer the creative design from script and storyboard to direction, animation, and graphic execution. Collaborative communication is our heartbeat, ensuring brands articulate their stories with clarity and conviction. Impeccable work is our shared goal, shaping brand strategy that captivate audiences. Our agency offers a journey beyond the ordinary, where every frame is a testament to strategic design excellence. Choose us for a seamless fusion of creativity and precision that brings your brand’s story to life with unparalleled impact and resonance.

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