Qualiko Ropes In Motad To Launch A New Marketing Campaign!


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MOTAD, a Dubai-based digital marketing agency, was chosen for Qualiko’s marketing campaign. The Ukraine-based brand Qualiko is well-known for its premium quality frozen chicken in over 80 countries. It operates in a quality-conscious market; thus, the brand required a clutter-breaking campaign in the crowded segment. Its chickens are grown in Ukraine and fed the highest quality sunflower seeds. This commitment to excellence, in turn, makes the chicken healthy. Being a responsible brand, Qualiko delivers its product in safe packaging and assures the best-in-class quality.

Market studies have pointed out how quality is one of the biggest concerns of the frozen food market and how consumers are ready to pay a premium for the best quality. These insights drove Motad to derive at the umbrella thought – #QualityisQualiko. Team Motad has created key visuals, social media assets, retail communication, and influencer narrative around quality. Curating fact-based communication with action-focused copy and tempting product shots coupled with a judicious marketing mix is the foundation of the #QualityisQualiko campaign.

Halim Saba, Marketing Director of Qualiko acknowledged this progress and said, “With our distinctive vertical integration model at every single production point, we are carrying forward farm-to-fork philosophy while serving the best quality chicken.” He is confident in ensuring a different, distinct and superior experience to customers with quality chicken.

Iryna Buchynska, Marketing and Communication Manager of Qualiko, further elaborated that fact-based communication will trigger curiosity and excitement amongst the target consumers, subsequently leading to repeated buying behaviour and brand loyalty. Team Qualiko and Motad have deeply studied customer touch points, stressing issues and challenges in the frozen food category, and thus weaved narrative to address those issues with fact-based communication.

Rafat Jamil Siddique, General Manager of Motad, commented, our primary narrative for Qualiko is intentionally built around quality, which is the main differentiator in the frozen food market. The communication focal point was convincing the customers that frozen chicken is as healthy as freshly cut one. This was established through a fact-based narrative.

Manju Abraham, Assistant General Manager of Motad, further elaborated that Motad aims to amplify the brand connection and widen the customer base with customer engagements with a host of offline and online creative assets and collaborations with renowned influencers and is confident that Qualiko will take the stronger position with this campaign