15 SEO Hacks to Rank Faster in 2023


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Do you want to avoid your website being buried on page 10 of search engine results? Boost your rankings with these 15 killer SEO hacks! From mastering keywords to building backlinks, these SEO services will have you climbing to the top of the search engine ladder in no time. Get ready to dominate in 2023!

1) Better On-Page Optimization

To boost your website’s Google ranking, it’s crucial to incorporate your target keyword into different page elements. You should also consider adding internal links from at least three web pages, external links to reliable sources, and optimizing your meta description’s length and value.

2) Target the Right Keywords

To rank on Google, identify keywords your ideal customers search for using research tools. Then, consider monthly search volume, competition, domain authority, and relevance to ensure qualified traffic to your site.

3) Analyse Keyword Intent

For SEO, focus on informational intent keywords by drilling down into what information users search for. The four main types of keyword intent are informational, commercial, transactional, and navigational.

4) Opt for long-form content

Quality and relevance of content matter more than keyword density. Posts of over 3,000 words are effective for creating links. Engaging and well-written content is the key to the top rank.

5) Stand out with skimmable information

To rank higher, optimize content for “zero-click search” by making it skimmable for Google to extract snippets. This approach helps Google build answer-y results such as Featured Snippets and Passage Ranking.

6) Long-tail question keywords are a bonus

To rank higher for super-high-volume keywords, target long-tail question keywords that provide opportunities to show up in the People Also Ask section, bypassing the top results.

7) Engage with Visuals

Adding relevant and high-quality images to your page can improve engagement, help with visual search, and boost image search rankings. Use images that add value, illustrate concepts, and match the keyword intent for better results.

8) Don’t overlook technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures search engines can easily crawl and index your site. It involves securing pages, optimizing for mobile, avoiding duplicate content, ensuring fast loading, and checking all links work. Of course, content is still important, but technical SEO is crucial.

9) Get creative with your meta titles

Your SEO title on the SERP should match what’s already ranking on page one. Keep it 60 characters or less, front-load the keyword, and use popular modifiers like the year.

10) Boost readability with a table of contents

Add a table of contents to your blog posts with links to each H2 or H3 section using <a id=” section-title”></a>. This makes your post more user-friendly, and Google may display these links in search results.

11) Leverage search queries

Search Console reveals search queries that bring people to your page and those that lead to clicks. It can suggest headings to add and keywords to target.

12) Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for SEO. Quality content and social promotion may already give you some, but you can proactively get more.

13) Tap into search query insights

By analysing search queries in Search Console, you can find new headings and target additional keywords to improve page ranking.

14) Target high-ranking pages

Moving a post from position nine to four is more accessible than from page nine to four and drives more traffic. Filter keywords by position using SEO tools for large websites.

15) Maximize traffic with how-to videos

Video content dominates SERP and can be the only chance to rank higher. The top organic result may not appear first.

With these 15 killer SEO hacks, you’ll be climbing the search engine ladder like a pro in no time! Boost your rankings and dominate the competition in 2023 with these expert SEO services.