Motad Crafted Daikin’s New Campaign That Encourages To #CHOOSEPURE


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Daikin air purifiers launched a campaign that has been conceptualized and executed by MOTAD, a Dubai based creative and digital agency under the aegis #CHOOSEPURE. MOTAD understood the segment, TG and curated a launch campaign to build awareness on concerning issues such as indoor pollution and also underlined Daikin’s leadership, legacy, appealing and innovative yet user-friendly technology and designs.

The campaign #CHOOSEPURE covered the entire spectrum of mediums and catapulted individuals of the MENA region to choose healthy living and generated sales in the sector.

Daikin’s commitment to protect and improve air-quality made them foray into the air-purifiers category. Daikin is known to leverage its time-honoured tradition of research and unique cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding products and system solutions to ensure comfortable and sustainable living environments for all people and regions of the world.

Daikin air purifiers are laced with Streamer Discharge Technology which can eliminate bacteria and mould and as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens. Additionally, it has an advanced HEPA filter that negates the harmful effects of pollens, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, and even the minutest particles that may cause any allergy or harm.